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father mother and me

Today we know our mother and father and the relationship that is most precious in the world. You may be wondering how full of knowledge you are in business nowadays. Even if you live, you will become the richest man in the world, where your mother father did not make it. You used to sleep peacefully. How strange this event is to ask you, do we love our Mama and Papa? Did we take our wool for our Yes, it was our . Today we are 17 years old, we fall in love like a schoolgirl, we date her at the age of 18, then we get married at the age of 20. After marriage, we become like our parents. Yes, 50 out of 100 people. Why do we forget the love of our Mama father? Yes, but he did not forget us. He did not eat his food. He was sick. He only wanted anything in our life. Yes, we are happy to face the wool. Will love your wool with your father Mama forever. Thank you.

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